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Enjoy HD TV experience the way you want. Discover our versatile Television Plans that will certainly meet your business needs.

Improve employee satisfaction​


With MEKTEL Business, your employees or customers will enjoy a wide range of entertainment with the most popular TV channels. You can also upgrade your plan with our pay-per-view service and enjoy unforgettable games with Live Sports Events and more quality content.

High Quality

Enjoy your content in HD quality

230+ channels

A huge selection of excellent TV content

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Live sports events


We have plans for every budget

$15.00 CAD per month

Starting at

tv pay per view live sports events video on demand for business
Basic plan
More than 30 channels!
Benefit from more than 30 HD channels, including local Canadian channels, French, English and American networks.

Click here to see the full list.

30+ channels

HD Quality

Wireless equipment

TV on another level!

Our pay-per-view television service offers a wide range of high entertaining content. Improve your employees or customers satisfaction with direct access to live sports events and other quality content 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Choose your event and create a memorable moments with your friends and colleagues!

Click here to see the list of available channels.

230+ channels

Live sports events

HD Quality

Wireless equipment

tv basic plan for businesses in ontario offered by mektel

Enhance your plan with these products


Unlimited Internet

Starting at $45.99/mo.
Add our BASIC UNLIMITED INTERNET 30 Mpbs plan to your TV plan and enjoy super-fast Internet speed. Need more speed? We have plans that go up to 1 Gpbs.


Starting at $15.00/mo.
For as little as $15 cad per month you can have our BASIC PHONE plan that includes UNLIMITED CALLS in Canada. Need more? Check our other Home Phone Plans.

Power your business with these bundles

Better together

Save now on cost-effective solutions like these bundles that combine two or more essential services: Internet, TV and Phone. We want to help you reduce your monthly expenses while enjoying incredible Internet speeds, unparalleled TV content and unlimited calls.

Starts from $60.99/mo.

Starts from $58.99/mo.

Starts from $73.99/mo.

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(i) Our TV service uses an IPTV encoder that works over the Internet using WIFI technology. If you have more than one TV you can order as many TV boxes as you want.