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Sales Partner Program

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mektel sales partner program

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MEKTEL Sales Partner Program

Join our Sales Partner Program and give your business a competitive edge. By becoming a MEKTEL Partner you’ll also build your portfolio with products that complement your area of expertise. We will accordingly help you choose the model that best suits your business activities. Additionally we will provide you with full support to build and profile leveraging the MEKTEL network. 

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Internet plans

Reliable, unlimited and super-fast downloading speeds.

TV plans

HD channels, Live Sports Events, movie, series and more.

Phone plans

Basic plan with unlimited calls in Canada or North-America.


Save money when you combine Internet, TV and phone services.

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Help your customer’s business thrive

Security camera

Secure and protect your business with the best and most reliable video surveillance system in the market.

Access control

Enhance your business security systems with the capacity to restrict access to your building or a specific area.

IT services

Benefit from our cost-effective and reliable cloud-based phone system, WiFi deployment and cabling service.

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Give your business a competitive edge and build your portfolio with products that complement your area of expertise. 

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