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Learn more about MEKTEL Networks

learn more about mektel networks

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MEKTEL Networks was created and registered in Quebec in 2009, and provides IT services from MEKTEL Inc.

MEKTEL Networks was founded by telecommunications experts who each have more than 20 years of experience in senior positions. They have provided telecommunications consulting and training services to several companies. They have operated in several sectors of activity, such  consulting engineering, banking, accounting, educational and governments.

By founding MEKTEL Netwoks we wanted to put our expertise and knowledge at the disposal of our customers. In order to achieve this goal, we thought about a better way to provide IT services. This consists in reducing operational costs without impacting the quality of the service. At the end, it allows us to offer incredible services at unbeatable prices.

We’re happy to count you among our loyal customers!

MEKTEL’s team.

Company culture and values

MEKTEL‘s culture is fundamentally based on integrity and respect. Above all, we value and believe in teamwork. Together we seek to always be creative, innovative and competitive. Therefore, we always put the interests of our customers first and hope to achieve their satisfaction by following these values.

company culture values mektel

Our values


Integrity is our daily life. We consider trust essential to forging a lasting relationship with our customers, employees, community and society. Therefore we base our relationship on honesty, frankness and ethics.


Respect is at the heart of everything we do. As a result, we support diversity and the freedom of everyone. We listen carefully to the ideas and opinions of others.


As individuals, as team members and as an organization, responsibility is part of our job. We are all working and rowing in the same direction. It is important to support each other and be there for our customers and colleagues when needed.


Improving the experience of our customers is a task to which we devote an important part of our time. Therefore, innovative and stand-out ideas are always welcome. Teamwork plays a key role in bringing these ideas to fruition and realization.

Discover our services

Learn more about the services we offer to residential and business customers.

Internet plans

Reliable, unlimited and super-fast downloading speeds.

TV plans

HD channels, Live Sports Events, movie, series and more.

Phone plans

Basic plan with unlimited calls in Canada or North-America.


Save money when you combine Internet, TV and phone services.

Discover our Business Solutions

Help your business thrive

Security camera

Secure and protect your business with the best and most reliable video surveillance system in the market.

Access control

Enhance your business security systems with the capacity to restrict access to your building or a specific area.

IT services

Benefit from our cost-effective and reliable cloud-based phone system, WiFi deployment and cabling service.

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Give your business a competitive edge and build your portfolio with products that complement your area of expertise. 

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