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MEKTEL Business will help you benefit from our cost-efficient and reliable phone service without having to invest in equipment, enhance your employees or customers experience with our WiFi deployment service and keep your network running flawlessly with our cabling service.

could-based phone system for business
Cloud-Based Phone System
No equipment!

Make it easy and simple to run a cost-efficient software-based PBX phone system in the cloud and start making calls over the Internet and storing data in the cloud.

With our cloud-based phone system, your business will enjoy rock-solid phone service with crystal-clear sound quality and without having to invest in new equipment.

Hosted IP PBX

Unlimited calls

Unlimited simultaneous calls

Technical support included

Fixed price and no contract

Why so wired?

Enhance your employees and customers experience with our Wi-Fi network deployment services and start offering fast and reliable Internet access throughout your company.

In order to collect the required information concerning the areas to be covered, the locations of the access points, the connectivity needs and the risks of interference, we cover the following aspects:

Site survey and data analysis

Deployment of the WiFi infrastructure

Connectivity testing and coverage adjustment

wifi deployment service for business
cabling service and it services for business
Stay connected!

Whether you’re moving to a new location or installing new computer and phone systems, we’ll help keep your network running evenly with our cabling service.

Our specialists will assess your needs and offer you a cabling solution that fits your needs and meets industry standards.

This service is offered by MEKTEL Business to small and medium businesses.

Site survey and data analysis

Connectivity testing and troubleshooting

These security solutions may interest you


Security camera systems

Secure your business with the best and most reliable video surveillance system in the market. Security camera systems do more than record video coming from a security camera.

Access code

Enhance your business surveillance and security systems with the capacity to restrict who may be in a given specified area or the building in general.

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